How You Can Avoid Tooth Loss as You Age

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If you treat your smile right, there is no reason you cannot enjoy your original smile for a lifetime. Dr. Josh Gosnell and Dr. Robert Turner recommend these steps to help you preserve your natural teeth:

-Care for your smile every day. One of the main causes of tooth loss is improper or inadequate oral care. Insufficient toothbrushing and flossing allow bacteria to spread and contribute to tooth decay, tooth infection, and gum disease. We encourage you to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth every day.

-Visit America's Family Dental Tomball as recommended by our dentist. Routine dental visits allow us to detect dental problems as soon as possible and predict problem areas that need extra care. Our dentists may recommend that you visit the office more frequently than every six months if your smile is particularly vulnerable to decay or disease.

-Choose smile-friendly food and snacks. Aging teeth are particularly vulnerable to cavity-causing food such as sugary snacks and citrus fruits. We encourage you to restrict these foods in your diet and stock up on smile-strengthening options such as apples, celery, and low-fat yogurt.

-Be aware of potential side effects of medication. If you suspect your medication may be causing or contributing to dental conditions such as gum disease or dry mouth, please feel free to speak with your dentist and your primary doctor about your prescription and whether a change needs to be made. 

We are pleased to be a resource for you to strengthen and protect your smile, and we invite you to contact our office at 281.290.8000 if you have any questions about avoiding tooth loss in Tomball, Texas. Give us a call today!