A Partial Denture Needs to the Maintained

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A partial denture is often the preferred choice for patients who have lost multiple teeth yet aren’t comfortable with the oral surgery associated with a dental implant restoration. The removable dental appliance can effectively replicate the basic appearance and function of the missing teeth.

The pink base of the partial denture is designed to closely match the available oral structure and contours of your gums. While this provides a firm, comfortable fit, you might also want to apply a small amount of denture adhesive when installing your denture. It can help lock the unit in place while also blocking out food particles.

If you do have a small food particle work its way in despite the denture adhesive, you should remove your partial denture and rinse it clean. Make sure to clear away all residual denture adhesive, before drying the base and applying fresh denture adhesive.

Your partial denture will need to be cleaned every night. Any residual denture adhesive will need to be washed away before using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non abrasive toothpaste to clean all the surfaces of the denture. You can then soak it overnight in water and store it somewhere safe.

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