Replacing Missing Teeth With a Bridge

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Replacing the missing teeth in your smile has multiple benefits. Having a full set of teeth improves your appearance and your ability to eat and speak. Without a full smile, plaque and bacteria have extra places in your mouth to accumulate, which causes gum disease and more lost teeth. Additionally, if you have gaps in your smile, your remaining teeth can drift out of alignment, causing further problems.

Many people opt for dental implants to replacing lost teeth. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants. Healthy gums and a healthy jawbone are needed for the implants to work, and there are medication and medical conditions that might preclude implants. But not everyone wants to wear dentures. They may feel bulky to some, and trigger the gag reflex in others.

A good compromise is a dental bridge. A bridge is an effective way to replace missing teeth without invasive surgery, and will allow a person to continue to brush and floss their teeth as they always have.

To place a dental bridge, your dentist will use the teeth on each end of the gap as anchors. The dentist will use a drill to remove the outer layer of the teeth leaving the dentin exposed. After taking an impression of the area, the teeth will be covered with temporary crowns and a dental lab will create the new bridge from the impression When your bridge is ready, the dentist will then place the permanent crowns and the new bridge in your mouth.

You will need to brush your bridge just as you brush your regular teeth, and it will also need to be flossed. If you have problems flossing your teeth, you might try using a water flosser or a floss threader to get the job done. Maintaining healthy gums is key making sure that your bridge stays in place and last for a lifetime.

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