Six Tips to Follow for a Healthy Smile

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Your smile is as important to us as it is for you, and we are pleased to offer six tips to help you keep your smile in good shape.


  1. Visit your dentist regularly. You should always follow the advice of your dentist about how often to visit the dental office regardless of how healthy you feel. Visiting the dentist regularly can identify any problems in your smile before they develop too far.

    2. Your diet is important to your oral health. One of the most important ways to preserve your dental health is to reduce sugary food and drink. We encourage you to reserve sugary and acidic food for mealtime. Instead, snack on foods that are beneficial to teeth, such as crackers, cheese, raw vegetables, breadsticks, milk, and water.

    3. Use a fluoridated toothpaste to brush for two minutes at a time twice a day. We recommend brushing your teeth when you wake up and before going to bed. Your saliva, which is your mouth’s natural cleaning system, decreases at night, leaving a higher risk of tooth decay. Brushing is a preventive measure.

    4. Flossing gives you a better clean. Simply brushing your teeth only cleans about two-thirds of a tooth, which is why we encourage you to floss and remove any food debris between the teeth and under the gums.

    5. Consider using a powered toothbrush. Tests performed on electric toothbrushes show that the small rotating heads are more effective at cleaning away plaque than traditional toothbrushes. Some electronic toothbrushes include timers to ensure you brush for the full two minutes.

    6. Acknowledge the one-hour rule. When you consume sugary food, your mouth needs an average of 40 minutes to neutralize the acids caused by sugar. We recommend that you wait at least one hour after a meal before you brush your teeth. Acid softens the tooth enamel, and if you brush too soon, you may erode some of the enamel. To speed up the neutralization process, you can chew sugar-free gum or flush your mouth with fluoride mouthwash or water.


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