Treating TMJ Disorder

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Do you wake up with your jaw in pain? Do you suffer from headaches and can’t find out why? If so, you could be suffering from the temporomandibular joint disorder. To help you understand more about your TMJ’s, Drs. Gosnell and Turner here at America’s Family Dental in Tomball, Texas, are happy to answer your questions and help you understand if this could be what is causing your jaw pain.

Your temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJ’s are located on each side of your face near your ears. The joint consists of muscles and ligaments running through your body and also includes a ball and socket that works to open and close your mouth as you eat, talk, or move your jaw. In many cases, this joint can become very tight and painful when you first wake up or try to eat or talk. Temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMD, is a condition that inflames this joint and causes intense pain.

There are many causes of TMD, such as tooth alignment, injuries, jaw alignment, stress, arthritis, teeth grinding while you sleep, and the dislocation of the jaw. The first step to improving this condition is always to seek professional diagnosis, so your dentist can find the right treatment for your unique needs.

To help you understand more about your TMJ, or if you suffer from TMD disorder, please call us right away at 281.290.8000. Our friendly staff is capable of helping you find treatment and help so you can enjoy smiling again.