What to Know About Recovering From Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Are you getting ready to have your wisdom teeth removed? Do you know someone about to have this procedure and want to help them through it? If so, then we can help you! Wisdom teeth removal is a standard procedure and often needed to prevent damage to your surrounding teeth or oral health.

Our dentists, Dr. Gosnell and Dr. Turner with America's Family Dental Tomball in Tomball, Texas, are trained in this procedure and are happy to share with you some tips on recovering from the removal of your wisdom teeth, so you can be back on your feet quickly and efficiently.

After surgery, it is normal to see swelling or feel tenderness in the neck and face. Some people experience bruising and feel pain and can sometimes suffer bleeding. Remember not to panic, because these are all very common conditions after surgery. It is essential to follow your doctor’s advice on pain medications or instructions they may have prescribed for you as you recover. Ice packs can also help with the pain and swelling. Sleep is also your body’s way of healing. Remember to sleep at an angle and try to get plenty of rest so your body can heal.

Furthermore, eating soft foods or keeping a liquid diet can help you during the healing process. Cold sandwiches or room-temperature foods that are soft are ideal as you recover. Hot meals can break down the blood clot in your sockets and trigger an infection. That is why keeping a soft diet with colder foods is always ideal.

Protein shakes can help you with your needed protein as you let your body heal. Soft vegetables also promote healing and are great for any diet. When it comes to your favorite drinks, keep in mind to avoid drinking from a straw until you get approval from your doctor, so the straw doesn’t slip and cause damage. Any use of tobacco is always restricted to promote a healthy healing process. Tobacco can cause severe damage to your health in any recovery process.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to call our office at 281.290.8000. Our professional team is happy to help you through the surgical and recovery process, so you can bounce back healthy as safely and quickly as possible.